Breast Pump Malaysia Online Store Malaysia offer various type of breast pump to choose from in Malaysia Online Store.

Breast Pump Malaysia Online StoreHow to choose the right breast pump?

Choosing the breast pump that’s right for you depends on how often you plan to use it and how much time you can devote to pumping.

If you plan to supply your little one with full express breast milk, you may need quality heavy duty hospitals grade double breast pump like Spectra S1, Unimon Forte or any other equivalent.

If you plan to feed your little one with a combination of the direct latch and express milk, a standard electric breast pump like Spectra 9plus, Spectra M1, Trueeluv Gemini, Lacte Duet and the like is fine for you.

But if you only need to pump a few ounces occasionally, an inexpensive single breast pump like Autumnz Bliss or manual pump may do just fine.

Some other factor you may need to consider as well like the number of spare parts, items need cleaning, the number of suction level, available of massage mode, built-in battery, etc. before you purchase a breast pump.

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